PIR+ wall/facade

BRUCHA PIR+ Panels utilize the highest quality steel, best available insulation foam chemistry, and unique design to assure outstanding surface appearance, insulation properties and tight, trouble-free installations.

BRUCHA Panel FP-P is a concealed fixation product where screw heads are fully covered by adjacent panels to provide a clean finished facade appearance. The panels are installed with pressure distribution plates and offer outstanding static properties for greater span widths.

Panels are available in a wide variety of aesthetic designs -- 6 different surface profile patterns, dozens of standard and premium color options -- enough to creatively satisfy requirements of any contemporary architectural project. Further uniqueness is afforded by Brucha's FP-P-S line, where two different profile patterns can be combined on panels to provide even greater design freedom and sophisticated appearance.

BRUCHA Panel WP, with its wider/economical construction width of 43.3" (1100 mm), is a through-fixation (ie, exposed fastener) panel. Available in the very same profile and color options as its FP-P mate, WP panels are a cost effective option for interior partition walls, industrial exteriors and other special application areas.

The range of BRUCHA PIR+ Panel options cover thicknesses from 1.5" to 10", yielding insulating R-value solution from 10 to 70+, assuring a broad range of tight, energy efficient options for building designs.


BRUCHA PIR+ Facade Panels –
Concealed fixation insulated panels offering a wide variety of architectural design options for building exteriors.

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BRUCHAPaneel panel FP-P-S

Choose from 19 various possible profile-combinations. Generate your own individual panel.

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BRUCHA PIR+ Wall Panel --
Insulated panels for through-fastening of interior partition walls and exteriors.

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Fire protection wall/facade

BRUCHA fire rated panels consist of FP-F and WP-F options. BRUCHA FP-F Panels are concealed fixation facade panels wherein mounting plates and screws are hidden within the joints and fully covered by adjacent panels. BRUCHA WP-F Panels are through-fixation or exposed fastener wall panels suitable for both internal partitions and external wall applications.

Both panel styles are composed of high quality steel face sheets securely attached to a non-combustible mineral wool core, offering effective fire protection. Panels are available in 10 different insulation thicknesses assuring a solution for nearly any construction requirement. Panel joints are a unique design, possessing a protective barrier film covering the longitudinally exposed mineral wool from moisture, and are free of thermal bridges.

Both BRUCHA FP-F and WP-F panels are available with our full range of 6 surface profile patterns and our comprehensive selection of colors, assuring a vast array of design options for any project.


BRUCHA Fire-Rated Facade Panels - Concealed fixation panels with non-combustible mineral wool core insulation for optimal fire resistance and protection.

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BRUCHA Fire-Rated Wall Panels -
Non-combustible mineral wool core panels for through-fastened interior or exterior wall applications.

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BRUCHA Acoustic Panels -
A practical sound absorption and deadening solution for interior walls and false ceilings.

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Customized facade panels providing unique cladding design options for the highest aesthetic impact.

BRUCHA Design+ Panels

Designer facade panels – with either PIR+ or mineral wool core material.

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