BRUCHA Roof Panel DP

Steel construction and trapezoidal rib design for high static load capacity + superior PIR foam insulation for energy efficient roofing.

manufacturing tolerance

in line with EN 14509

sound insulation

26 dB at 2 3/8" / 3 1/8" (60/80 mm), 27 dB from 3 15/16" (100 mm) core thickness

temperature stability

194° F / 90° C


1 9/16 in (40 mm) - 6 5/16 in (160 mm)

manufactured lengths

max.40ft (45ft by special arrangement)

fire rating

FM 4471 Class 1 Fire Rating of Insulated Wall or Wall and Roof/Ceiling Panels, Interior Finish Materials or Coatings, and Exterior Wall Systems

construction width

39 3/8 in (1000 mm)

Standard DP Panel Composition & Attributes

Coil-coated galvanized steel faced roofing panels with PIR foamed core insulation


  • Standard 25 μm polyester surface coating.  (Optional higher UV and chemical resistant coatings available upon request.)  Panels are shipped with a strippable PVC protective film.  The film must be removed no later than 10 weeks after the production date shown on the longitudinal panel seam.
  • Rib profile/height: trapezoidal, 1-5/8" (42mm)
  • Rib spacing: 13-1/8" (333mm)
  • Metal gauge: 0.0236" (0.6mm) - approx. 9% thicker than 26 gauge.  (Alternative metal gauges available upon request.)


  • Standard 25 μm polyester surface coating.  (Panels are shipped without a protective PVC film -- if required, please specify with order.) 
  • Standard profile 1 (Profile 2 and 3 available on request)
  • Metal gauge: 0.0197" (0.5mm)  (Alternative metal gauges available on request)

Insulation core

  • PIR rigid foam manufactured in continuously foamed process, approx. 95 % closed cells; shear resistant bond with steel sheet.
  • Absolutely no chlorofluorocarbons or halogenated chlorofluorocarbons; pentane foaming agent.
  • Density approx. 2.5lb/ft³ (40kg/m3)

Panel connection

  • Formed external steel overlaps adjacent panel's outer rib profile. Steel overlap possess a capillary break to inhibit moisture movement.
  • Special joint profile also overlaps panels at the inner connecting surfaces. 
  • Integral Triple Sealing System provides additional reliability, achieving reliable tight connections and optimal condensation protection.
  • See diagram on Product Data Sheet for visual description of panel connecting features.

Testing & Certifications

  • Compliant with a wide range of US and International codes and standards.  Contact your Brucha rep for an updated list of applicable documentation. 



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