From regional manufacturer to premium brand

Something big is happening in our national insulation Industry. In 1950, Josef BRUCHA (b. 1908), our founder, became the country’s first insulation technician when he passed his master craftsman’s examination, laying the foundation for what is today BRUCHA GesmbH. While insulation and technology may have evolved over the decades, the key craft behind them remains the same: insulation.

  • 1948 - “Beginnings”

    Josef Brucha (b. 1908) founds the company BRUCHA as an insulation manufacturer in Michelhausen, Lower Austria

  • 1950 - “Trailblazer”

    Josef Brucha (b. 1908) becomes Austria’s first insulation technician after passing his master craftsman’s exam. As well as the building materials business, he also runs a gravel pit.

  • 1960 - “Development”

    EPS production begins in the 1960s.

  • 1968 - “Innovation”

    The founder hands over the company – which now has around 50 staff – to his children, Ingeborg Himmel and Josef Brucha (b. 1943).

  • 1975 - “Expansion”

    Ingeborg Himmel launches a construction material business in Vienna and leaves the company. Josef Brucha (b. 1943) and his wife, Hermine, run the company and concentrate on expansion.

  • 1978 - “Specialising”

    First sandwich panels manufactured. Capacity increased. Brucha becomes a specialist in the production and assembly of large cold and deep-freeze rooms.

  • 1984 - “Crossing borders”

    First sales contacts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Launch of further export contacts in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and (what was then) Czechoslovakia.

  • 1994 - “Progression”

    The West Branch in Nenzing (Vorarlberg) is founded and a sales team formed to deal with customers nationwide.

  • 1998 - “Technological advances”

    The first continuous double-line production facility is put into operation. The Company now has 320 staff members.

  • 2001 - “Export expansion”

    Exports to Germany and all CEE countries begin. Branches set up in Zagreb (HR) and Košice (SK). Mikulov (CZ) branch follows in 2002.

  • 2006 - “New markets”

    Sales activities begin in Romania.

  • 2008 - “Growth”

    First sales activities in Poland.

  • 2011 - “Performance”

    BRUCHA is the market leader in Austria, producing and assembling BRUCHAPaneel panels and cold storage doors with more than 600 employees. Exports account for more than 50% of business.

  • 2015 - “Further expansion”

    BRUCHA opens the South Branch in Großwilfersdorf (Styria). A customer excellence centre, an assembly support centre and a large warehouse outlet are set up.

  • 2017 - “Advances”

    Stamping and bending line commissioned for producing accessories for cold storage house construction.

  • 2018 - “USA”

    BRUCHA Corporation founded in the USA, based in Denver, Colorado.

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